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Top 10 Most Expensive Condos in South Beach Miami

Here is your chance to own some of the most sought after real estate in the world. Our years of experience and knowledge of local Miami real estate market has helped our clients to acquire some of the most expensive Condos in South Beach.

Most Expensive Condos

Below is our list of the 10 most expensive condos currently being sold in South Beach Miami:

1. Continuum on South Beach – Penthouse 2 – $3,535 per square foot, asking price $39,000,000.
2. Setai Miami – Penthouse VB – $5,065 per square foot, asking price $36,000,000.
3. Continuum South Beach – unit 3903 – $4,253 per square foot, asking price $35,000,000.
4. 1500 Ocean Drive – unit T1 – $2,976 per square foot, asking price $25,000,000.
5. Apogee South Beach – unit 2201 – $3,648 per square foot, asking price $25,000,000.
6. Icon South Beach – Penthouse 1 – $1,795 per square foot, asking price $14,900,000.
7. Continuum Miami Beach – Penthouse 2 – $2,085 per square foot, asking price $14,515,000.
8. Portofino Tower – Penthouse 1 – $2,025 per square foot, asking price $11,500,000.
9. W South Beach – Penthouse 2 – $3,778 per square foot, asking price $10,000,000.
10. Il Villaggio Miami Beach – Unit 808/09 – $1,775 per square foot, asking price $9,000,000.

Buying in the Luxury Real Estate Market

The South Beach area is one of the most popular for luxury properties. It offers access to some of the most beautiful waterfront property in all of Miami and, in addition to that, it is located in one of the most fashionable areas of the city and one of the most convenient for dining, entertainment and high-end shopping.

South Beach, of course, is not the only luxury market in Miami. Sunny Isles Beach, for instance, is another very popular area to live that has more than its share of impressively priced condominium properties for sale. Some of the most expensive condominium properties in Miami on the whole are located in these areas. Estate properties are also popular options for people who want to live in the more affluent areas of Miami.

Recovery and Prices

The prices for property throughout Miami have generally been going up as the economy and the real estate market both improve. While it is still a buyer’s market, prices have been getting better for owners, as well. There are still discounts to be had, however, and some of the most expensive properties on the market can sometimes be purchased at a significantly discounted price compared to what is initially advertised for those properties.

Purchasing in these areas requires the assistance of a knowledgeable realtor who is familiar with such high-end propertites. Even though Miami’s real estate market is showing signs of a solid recovery, there is still much to know about which areas are the most desirable to purchase in and which areas currently offer the best deals. Some of these can be found in South Beach, in fact, and the right real estate agent can point clients toward options in some of the most desirable condominium developments of all that come at much lower prices than do the truly standout prices in this market.

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