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A Look Back at the Hot South Florida Real Estate Market for 2015

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The real estate market for 2015 was, to say the least, hot. With a number of record-breaking sales, it does not appear that this trend is going to slow down anytime soon. However, these huge sales were not the only result of this great year. There were a number of design companies that developed a number of impressive renderings for new developments and even created images that illustrated what the region may look like down the road.

A Vision of Downtown Miami in 2030

Thanks to VisualHouse, a rendering of what Downtown Miami would look like in 2030 was created. Assuming that there are not any new projects that will a be proposed and constructed between now and then, this image shows an authentic photo of the existing Miami skyline, along with a computerized version of 11 planned skyscrapers that have been approved, or that are already being built. Several of the buildings that are going to be built include the SkyRise Miami, which is a 1,000-foot tall observation tower, as well as the Ugo Colombo’s Brickell Flatiron. This is similar to the Flatiron Building in New York.

Elysee Residences

During the latest building boom in Miami, there was a new addition to the Edgewater community called Elysee. This is a unique all-glass tower, which is going to reach 57 stories when complete. The project has been headed by the Two Roads Development team, which is also part of the Biscayne Beach project that is currently being built and located just a few blocks away. When the tower is complete in 2018, it will be the tallest in all of Edgewater.

Apeiron Located at the Jockey Club

Spearheaded by the past CEO of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co., a development that was designed to help and revitalize the older condo complex found in the area of North Miami, which is referred to currently as Jockey Club. Some of the plans of this new development include dual towers that will have 240 individual residences, as well as 90 hotel rooms. The uneven elevations of these towers will give the impression of four towers, rather than two, even though the glass exteriors have a sharp contrast to the existing 1960s style buildings.

Convention Headquarter Hotel at Miami Beach

In an effort with designers from the John Portman & Associates, the Miami Beach Convention Center began a redevelopment project that will feature a hotel portion that will include 800 individual rooms, a rooftop lounge, as well as a number of beverage and food outlets. However, in order to have the project move forward, it still needs to receive 60 percent of the votes from residents of Miami Beach. The firm has hopes to have the hotel fully constructed by sometime in 2018.

There are a number of projected and in-the-works projects going on in Miami Beach right now. This construction is leading to more and more appeal in regards to new residents and something that is being embraced by the existing residents.

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