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Brickell City Centre to Add Valentino and Chopard

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Since its inception, Brickell City Center has had a reputation for getting high quality, upscale retailers onto the property. The 500,000-square foot shopping center is set to add two more powerhouses to its lineup – Valentino and Chopard. Valentino is an Italian fashion house, while Chopard is a Swiss jewelry and watch designer. Both of these stores will be on the first floor of the building which is accessible from the street.

According to reports, Valentino will have 1,800-square feet of space, and Chopard will have 1,500-square feet of space. While they haven’t announced all of the stores that will be in the building, you can be sure that there will be plenty of other luxury shops and boutiques.

The Importance of Luxury at Brickell City Centre

The stores at the shopping center are luxury stores without a doubt, and they are not the types of stores that you will find in most local malls. Why does the area feel the need to have luxury stores? It’s a simple matter of economics. Brickell, and many parts of Miami for that matter, have some very wealthy residents and visitors that expect nothing less than the best. Brickell City Centre is striving to meet the needs and demands of their customer base, and that’s why they are adding these types of stores.

Many of the area shoppers have second homes in Miami – high value homes at that. So they expect to find luxury brands when they are shopping. Brickell also happens to be part of the financial district in Miami, so it simply makes sense to have these types of stores in the area.

Miami is starting to become known as a destination for luxury shopping. Other popular shopping spots, such as Bal Harbour Shops, have done well enough in recent years that they are considering expanding. People in the area are already excited about the benefits that this center can bring, including more jobs, which can help the overall economy in the area.

What Else Will Brickell City Centre Offer?

It’s already been established that Saks Fifth Avenue will be the anchor of the shopping center. However, there will be quite a few other shops and amenities in the building as well. They will have a dine-in movie theater, which will be on the fourth floor of the building. In addition, there will be a hotel, two office buildings, and two condo towers that are a part of Brickell City Centre. These should all be open by the end of 2015 if everything goes according to plan.

The shopping center doesn’t open until late 2016, but this will give the developers enough time to make sure they have all of the spaces leased to the best quality businesses that makes the most sense for their clientele.

It’s still too early to know all of the shops that will make their home in Brickell City Centre (SEE SITE HERE). It will be interesting to keep watch and see what other stores they will add over the course of the coming months.

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