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Buying With Bitcoin

Are you buying with bitcoin? It’s a cryptocurrency that has become quite popular over the course of the last few years, and now there is even a mansion for sale in Miami that you could purchase using Bitcoins if you happen to have them.

Of course, this is not just anyone who is offering up their Miami home and is willing to take Bitcoin; it’s Michael Komanransky, who was one of the early investors in this type of online currency. He currently owns a mansion located at 7350 Southwest 47th Court and he just listed it for $6.5 million. As mentioned, he says that he is willing to take Bitcoin from buyers.

Buying With Bitcoin

The Mansion

When Komaransky bought the property in 2014, he paid $4.6 million. The home, located on an acre of land near Coral Gables, is 9,452 square feet and features seven bedrooms and plenty of other wonderful features to help make it a fine choice for those looking to live in pure luxury. The beautiful property has a pool, a playground, and a basketball court, as well as a summer kitchen, chef’s kitchen, and covered terraces.

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More Buying with Bitcoin

While Komaransky is willing to have buyers who are buying with Bitcoin, the former seller was not so interested when Komaransky was buying the home several years ago. Instead, he paid for the home traditionally. Since he is an advocate for this type of currency though, it is no wonder he is willing to take Bitcoin.

However, he is not the only person willing to accept this type of currency for a real estate deal. Jack Sommer, a real estate developer in Las Vegas, offered to take Bitcoin for the home he was selling for $7.85 million. A California buyer was even able to make a profit of a million dollars on the purchase of a home when Bitcoin had a massive increase in value. With the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can expect to see other properties that are willing to accept these sorts of payments in the future.

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Why does Komaransky believe the buying with Bitcoin is an ideal option? He says that it can help the buyers and investors to protect against inflation. He also believes that Bitcoin is going to increase in popularity, particularly in countries in Latin American who are already interested in Miami properties. He feels that because currencies in those nations change so rapidly, they will also benefit from the inflation protection they can provide.

Komaransky used the property in Miami as a vacation home, but he lives in France currently. He does say that he eventually wants to return to Miami. For now, though, he’s selling a truly stellar property that could be worth looking into if you have the money, whether you are paying with Bitcoin or with cash. It’s quite an investment, but those who are looking for a place to call home, a vacation home, or even an investment property will find quite a bit to love about it.

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