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Supporting the Heart Gallery: Finding Forever Homes for Broward’s Foster Children

Broward County, Florida, might be pretty close to a perfect paradise, but that does not mean there aren’t those in need who call the area home. Many of these are children within the foster care system. The Heart Gallery strives to help these needy children find the forever home they deserve.

Heart Gallery of Broward County

What Is Heart Gallery?

Heart gallery is a traveling exhibit that combines both photographs and audio technology. It was created specifically to help children within the foster care system in Broward County find loving homes, and is part of the Heart Gallery of America. Currently, there are 80 such galleries spread across the US. The local Broward County branch was founded in 2006, and has helped 300 foster kids find homes during their history. The organization states that its mission is “to provide innovative programs that help to promote the adoption and enrichment of Broward’s foster children.”

About the Children

Currently, the Heart Gallery highlights the plight of children in need throughout the county. You’ll find all ethnicities represented, and all age groups. Many of these children were removed from abusive homes and other dangerous living situations, and now they dream of finding a family to call their own.

Image Courtesy of the Heart Gallery of Broward County

How You Can Help

There are many ways to lend a hand with the Heart Gallery. Perhaps the single best option is to adopt one of the children the Heart Gallery is sponsoring. If you have the room in your home, heart and life, there is a special child waiting to fill it.

The organization also needs volunteers for a wide range of events, exhibits and more. If you cannot be a volunteer, the organization is seeking donations, or you can purchase items from the Heart Gallery’s online store and online auction to help fund their work. Other opportunities include special events where you can donate time, goods, money, or become a sponsor, or even host a fundraiser on your own to support the organization.

Lana Bell Lends a Helping Hand

Lana Bell believes in the Heart Gallery’s mission, and that all children within the Broward County foster care system deserve a loving, accepting family. To help the organization make that possible for all children, she is currently donating money for each closing her office does to the Heart Gallery.

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