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Miami Beach Project for New Aman Tower Likely to Go Forward

The new Aman Tower will be coming to Miami Beach. It appears that two billionaire investors, Vlad Doronin and Len Blavatnik, received their initial approval for a zoning change to build an Aman tower. According to their plans, the tower will be 250’ tall. The duo did not have an easy time ensuring the zoning change, as many opposed the change. However, the Miami Beach commissioners recently voted to pass the ordinance.

Still, this does not mean that the tower’s future is secure. The ordinance next goes to the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board, who will provide a recommendation on how to proceed. At that point, the ordinance will return to the Miami Beach commissioners, who will vote on a second reading.

Aman Tower

The proposed tower will be a luxury condo and hotel that will be located next to a building called the Versailles. This is a historic building that has not had any occupants for many years. It will also be located next to a property called Faena House. This building is home to many wealthy people, including billionaires. A number of the people living at Faena House are opposing the potential zoning change, as they do not want the new tower to be constructed. Reasons for this vary, but it is most likely because the new tower will be closer to the boardwalk, and it will be taller than Faena House by 47’.

The new project is set to have 56 hotel rooms, along with 23 condos available. This would be the first Aman tower in South Florida.

What Happens After the Approval of Aman Tower?

If the second reading of the commission is approved, the project is still not entirely out of the woods. The developers will then need to get approval for the project, not just the zoning change. As mentioned, this may not sit well with the people who are living in Faena House. The battle between the parties has been contentious and it seems like this combativeness will continue.

According to reports, many people opposed the development. There were also some residents in the area that supported the development, but they did not want the 47’ height increase that would make the building taller than Faena House.
It’s unknown exactly what will happen with the building going forward, but there is a good chance that it will be approved and that the developers can build. It will be interesting to watch the battle and the potential fallout that could occur.

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