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Mixed-Use Development Coming to Ojus

Ojus will soon be getting a 600,000 square foot mixed-use development called West Aventura Town Center. It will be developed by West Aventura Exchange LLC, and the project is estimated to cost around $200,000. It will take up about eight acres along the Miami Gardens Drive corridor. The developer for the project recently gained the approval for land use from the Miami-Dade County Commission.

Ojus Mixed-Use Development

It is still very early in this development cycle, but things are looking promising for the site. The developers are aiming to present their site plan to the county by September. The heave of the development group, Gustavo Lumer, said that they are not asking for any variances.

What Will the Project  in Ojus Offer?

The development project is quite exciting, and it holds a lot of potential for the area. It will be just a few blocks from the city of Aventura, and it can bring in quite a bit to the area. This includes up to 480 residential units, as well as a hotel with 120 rooms. In addition, it will include an office building that will have 75,000 square feet. There will also be 85,000 square feet of retail space. Currently, there are two residential buildings planned. One of the buildings could be an assisted living facility or a building specifically for residents who are 55 and older.

This area of the city has not had as much attention as others have in recent years, but with this development, that will be changing. The goal of the county has been to provide better use of space and improved urbanization efforts. Some nearby areas have experienced growth, but there has not been as much activity in this area until recently. In addition to this project, there are some others that are currently in the planning stages or that are being actively developed.

There is a four-story office building that will be going up soon on Northeast Miami Gardens Drive, a new pet hotel and spa that is being constructed in the area, and more. With the land directly in Aventura having already been built on, many developers have been steadily pushing westward, as you can see from these latest projects.

The project will provide more than just new homes for people who want to live in the area, of course. It will also provide more job opportunities and a brighter economic future for the area

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