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Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Real Estate in the Miami Area

Have you been thinking about buying a piece of property in the Miami Area? The South Florida region around Miami has a lot to offer potential buyers from the United States and beyond. Of course, some people who were thinking about buying might have hesitated over the past few months, waiting to see whether it was a good time to buy or not. A look at some of the unbelievable deals that are happening in the area right now is a surefire way to reignite your excitement for buying

Right now, there are some unheard of deals available across the Miami area including places like Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best deals, so you can get a better idea of just how much you might be capable of saving.

Miami Area
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Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

What types of deals can you find today? It might surprise you just how much some of these impressive properties have come down in price

Boca Raton

Public open houses may be a thing of the past, at least for the immediate future. Today, real estate buyers and agents are increasingly relying on digital technology. This is necessary not just to comply with rules and regulations, but to provide protection and to safeguard against infection and spreading COVID-19. Quite a few technologies are being used more and more frequently here, including the following

  • The biggest price drop on the market currently is for a home located at 5272 S. Boca Marina Circle in Boca Raton. The original list price of this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home was $1,499,000. It has dropped by 25.02% to $1,199,000. The property is 2,587 square feet.
  • Unit 7159 at Mizner Tower is 2,660 square feet with three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The price dropped 8.37% from $1,395,000 to $1,195,000 near the end of July.
  • 17562 Middlebrook Way in Boca Raton dropped in price by 6.34% from $1,275,000 to $1,199,000. It’s a large property with 5072 square feet. It has five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms.
  • At 734 NW 4th St. in Boca Raton is a home that offers five bedrooms and three and a half baths. This property is 3,813 square feet and was reduced in price by 6.08%. The original price was $1,745,000, while the reduced price is $1,645,000, which is a nice bit of savings.
  • This large and beautiful Boca Raton home is located at 9115 Redonda Dr., and it was reduced by 5.26%. The property was originally $1,999,999, and it is now $1,899,999. It provides owners with an amazing 6,512 square feet. The home has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms.

Ft. Lauderdale

  • Another impressive price drop was for a home located at 3011 NE 46th St., Ft. Lauderdale. This property dropped by 17.41%. It was originally $1,349,000 and is now just $1,149,000. The property is 2,890 square feet and has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
  • There is another Ft. Lauderdale home that has dropped by 8.42%. The 2,614-square-foot property has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The original price was $1,300,000, and it dropped recently to $1,199,000. It is located at 110 SE 11th Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • 2572 Lucille Dr. is a large and beautiful property located in Ft. Lauderdale that had its price reduced by 8.34% from $3,899,000 to $3.599,000 at the end of July. This property has 6,894 square feet with five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms.
  • Found at 2225 NE 16th Ct., this Ft. Lauderdale property was reduced in price by 6.07%. This is an impressive property that originally cost $3,495,00 and was reduced to $3,295,000. The property has 4,031 square feet and offers five bedrooms and five bathrooms.
  • 331 W. Lido Dr. in Ft. Lauderdale was reduced by 5.89%. The original price was $1,849,000, and the new price is $1,699,000. The property is not as large as some of the others on the list, but it is still a big home with 2,210 square feet. It has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

 Right now, Miami and the surrounding communities are a perfect solution for those who are looking to buy a home and who want to keep some money in the bank while doing it. These are just some of the most impressive price drops in the area. Do any of these properties interest you?

 Imagine just how much you would be saving even if you bought a home that was only reduced in price by a couple of percent. If the idea of saving money excites you, and you are looking for a beautiful place to live, be sure you contact us soon. We can let you know more about these properties and others in the area.

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Why Move to the Miami Area?

What is it that makes people excited about the idea of moving to the Miami area or one of the surrounding communities? It’s not just one thing, it’s many. For starters, many people love the weather and the idea of being so close to the beach. Even those who do not live directly on the water will find that they are never more than a short walk or drive away from a great beach.

There is also the diverse culture, the wonderful food and entertainment, and all of the interesting things there are to see and do. Others choose to make the move because of work, and a large number of residents prefer the taxes here to someplace like New York.

If you have been thinking about moving to the Miami area, you probably have a list of your own reasons why you want to make the move. With prices as low as they are right now, great interest rates, and the unbelievable deals mentioned above, it’s time to make the move.

Make Your Move Now

You don’t want to wait too long to find your dream property in Miami. Although there are a lot of great deals right now, waiting too long could mean that you miss out on some great homes. Take the time to get in touch with us today so you can start your search for the perfect place to call home. Whether you are buying a vacation property or you want to move to the area permanently, there are options available

Contact Lana Bell to get started searching for your perfect new condo or single family home.  She has over 20 years of experience working with every type of residential luxury property in South Florida and delivers the guidance, expertise, and knowledge you deserve.

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