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Put Your Trust in Lana Bell to Sell Your Home

Do you have a single-family luxury home that you want to sell? If you do, it’s important to make sure that you are working with a real estate professional who knows and understands the industry. Choosing a specialist in the field is not just a good idea; it is essential if you want to find the right homes or if you are looking to sell your luxury property. When you are looking for the top in the field, Lana Bell should be the name that’s on top of your list.

Bell has been working in the residential luxury real estate market in South Florida for more than two decades. In that time, she’s become one of the best and most well-respected real estate professionals in the field. Each year since 2016, she’s been a Top Agent at One Sotheby’s and a #1 agent in the Miami-Dade area. She’s sold nearly $1 billion in luxury homes over the years.

Lana BellSingle Family Homes Needed by Lana Bell

With the increased worry over COVID-19, she’s found that many people are now looking for single-family homes, but they still want the luxury of the condos in Miami. These properties have already sold quickly since they can provide not just luxury, but also privacy and easier to maintain social distancing. Bell is looking for more homes that she can sell to the eager buyers that have been contacting her.

If you have a single-family luxury property in the Miami-Dade area, now is the perfect time to get in touch with her. You will have the benefit of working with an experienced broker who knows the market well and who can help to properly market the property, so it gets in front of the right buyers. This means bigger and faster sales in many cases.

Lana Bell knows and understands real estate law and can help to make even the most complicated deals between wealthy, powerful, and famous buyers easier to understand. It’s a winning decision.

Of course, you likely want to know more about Bell and what you can expect. The perfect place to visit for those interested in selling her real estate website at You can also call and talk about the property you want to sell. The phone number is 305-336-0457. If you are serious about selling your luxury property, it’s time to let Lana Bell make it happen.

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Sunny Isles Real Estate Expert

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