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Subscribers Help Sotheby’s Earn a Silver Creator Award

YouTube creators are always trying to offer their subscribers entertaining, educational, or exciting videos. And the more that creators are able to do just that, the more viewers subscribe to see more. Creating video content can be a bit of an art-form, and in order to recognize creators who do an amazing job, YouTube gives out creator awards. Recently, One Sotheby’s International Realty was awarded the Silver Creator Award, after passing the 10,000 subscriber mark. This is exciting for Sothebys, but is also a record-setting event for the real estate industry.

Sothebys – The 1st Real Estate Company to Be Awarded the Silver Creator Award

Sothebys Realty

When Sothebys was given the Silver Creator Award, it was the first time that any real estate company had ever gained more than 10,000 followers on YouTube. Additionally, less than a tenth of one percent of every creator on YouTube ever reaches this milestone.

To earn this award, creators have to offer something truly worth watching. This award is only given to creators who grow their channel organically – meaning their videos are watched and enjoyed by their subscribers, rather than having subscribers that never engage.

This is a huge accomplishment for Sotheby’s. The real estate channels on YouTube with the closest follower counts and views to Sotheby’s include Zillow and Coldwell Banker, and the momentum continues. If the channel continues to grow at the same rate, there will be more than one million subscribers enjoying the channel by 2022.

What Sotheby’s Offers on YouTube

How did Sotheby’s accomplish this record-breaking feat? One of the ways that YouTube determines if a creator is really growing organically is by taking a look at how often people watch the creator’s videos, and how often people watch all the way to the end of those videos.

Sothebys YouTube channel is all about helping you find luxury real estate all over the world. Instead of giving tips or discussions about real estate, Sotheby’s uses their YouTube channel to inspire you with the sights of these gorgeous estates and homes. The videos are short, easy to watch to the end, and do a single job: Get you daydreaming about the beautiful properties Sotheby’s has to offer. That formula let Sotheby’s grow their YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers – and gain nearly 45 million views.

Ocean Three Unit 2905

Explore Luxury Homes for Sale with Just a Few Minutes Every Day

If you lack time to really explore the options in the luxury real estate market, you’re not alone. Thousands of potential buyers just like you are busy with their careers and lives. Following Sotheby’s on YouTube lets you tour a few of the world’s most beautiful properties with less than five minutes of free time. Take a peek at what you’re missing while you wait for a meeting to start, or between answering emails. Sotheby’s represents some of the world’s most gorgeous international homes and estates for you to tour. Check out this award-winning real estate channel at YouTube today!


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