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Still Time to Buy Jade Beach Condos

Jade Beach Sunny Isles For Sale

Jade Beach Condos

There is no doubt that the current recession still has homebuyers wary. With such financial distress happening throughout the country, it’s hard for anyone to take a chance on a large purchase, especially when that purchase might be seen as a luxury. With all of these economic troubles whirling, home sales have been down for quite some time, and prices are lower than they’ve been in years. Everyone remembers the mortgage crisis, and that makes it hard to step out on faith and make a purchase. Even so, there are signs that the recession is coming to an end, even if those signs are showing slowly. If you take a look at the available condos in Jade Beach, you’ll see the signs for yourself.

These condominium units are certainly the height of luxury, so the fact that they’re selling at a higher rate than they have in the past few years is a great sign for the economy. The prices are still lower than they were five years ago, and that gives buyers a chance to really take advantage of the situation. With the purchase of a Jade Beach condominium, there are quite a few amenities that come with the deal. Some of these amenities are enough to convince anyone that the lap of luxury is where they want to be.

Seeing the sales reports for the year 2011 is very encouraging, but it does signal buyers that now is the time to make the move. With over 21 condominiums sold in the last year, there is little doubt that the market is beginning to wake up again. The prices for these condos still advertise prestige, with some selling for over $500,000 and others commanding prices upward of $2,000,000. These sales prices were still lower than the asking prices in most cases, but they’re still solid prices that show a trend. Prices are rising steadily, especially in places where people really want to live, like Sunny Isles oceanfront condos.

With the prices, there are quite a few features included. You can be certain that your new residence will have designer touches that can’t be found just anywhere. The kitchens can only be described as gourmet, with upgraded countertops and lighting and top-of-the-line appliances. Bathrooms feel like a visit to the spa, with clean lines and comfort in every corner. Best of all, there are amazing views of the ocean no matter where you turn. It all adds up to some pretty amazing luxury, and that’s just inside the unit. You can also enjoy swimming pools, fitness centers, and a private beach, as well as the service and security of a dedicated staff.

Today prices at Jade Beach are on the rise

once again. The minimum asking price for one bedroom condo is $675K and upward to over $10M for a palatial penthouses. Because Jade Beach is ultra-modern architectural wonder, it draws a lot of attention with the Europeans and South Americans who just love the looks and the amenities in the building. From private restaurant, and private movie theater, to state of the art gym and spa, the amazing 5-star service and management makes this place stand out even among similar top-line residential towers that Miami is so famous for.

If you want to take advantage of the prices before they rise any further, you can contact any of our agents. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through any of the units at Jade Beach that catch your eye. Then we’ll show you how easy it is to buy the property of your dream and enjoy your life in the paradise called Jade Beach.

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