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Sunny Isles and the Future of Luxury in Miami According to Jules Trump

Sunny Isles Beach real estate

Jules Trump, a developer from South Africa whose parents were clothing store owners in Johannesburg, was a key player in turning Sunny Isles Beach from a run-down motel haven to a collection of some of the most valuable SoFla real estate available.

When Trump moved to the United States in the ‘70’s, he started out in NYC and jumped on the real estate train almost immediately. Soon, however, Miami was calling his name and before long he was involved in an 80-acre luxury development in Aventura, that his family had begun work on in 1980.

Sunny Isles came next, with a luxury hotel and condo project. Acqualina Resort & Spa (see site here) and Mansions at Acqualina (this website) were predecessors to Trump’s current project – the Estates at Acqualina – see the website here. The newest component of the complex is slated for completion in 2019 and will be host to 264 ultra-luxurious homes, costing between $3.9 and $40 million.

What Sets Acqualina Apart?

When asked by The Miami Herald what makes the Estates unique, Trump pointed out that the gated community will be like a private park on the ocean, offering amenities found almost nowhere else in a residential setting – bowling, indoor ice skating, a wave pool, multiple sports facilities, an arcade, and a real-time Wall Street trading room.

Estates at Acqualina

TMH also asked something that’s probably on a lot of people’s minds – with the real estate market having an ever-so-slight cooldown, isn’t it a bit worrisome to embark on such an extravagant project? Trump responded by saying that his development firm pays close attention to a multitude of factors, but that the demand for their very unique venture is the metric they use to assess potential success. And according to Jules, demand is high.

Trump is involved in a variety of projects in multiple locations. When asked about the nature of buyers in Sunny Isles vs. Brickell or South Beach, he replied that Sunny Isles buyers are attracted to the location because while it provides easy access to SoFla destinations, it isn’t as congested as other regions.

Protective Measures

And what about sea-level rise? According to Trump, his teams spend a lot of time and energy making sure the construction fits the site. By building above sea level and using the latest technology to deal with any potential issues, they assure buyers that the quality level of the construction and landscaping will protect them from problems.

The Future of Miami

As for continuing to grow Miami as one of the leading luxury destinations in the world, the developer points to infrastructure upkeep and public transit. Fashion, arts, and culture also play a major role in the relevance of Miami as a unique, attractive location. In addition, new business is vital, according to Trump. Tax credits and new jobs keep industry thriving, which attracts people to the area.

Trump believes the incredible luxury offered by Miami is what keeps global customers interested in investing their time and money in the city, and that developers need to work hard to continue that momentum.

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